Wednesday, June 16


rindu kt dia nih...rasa2 mcm dh xlarat nk jauh je mcm ni..pisahnye lama..nk tgu jmp lama..dpt jmp kejap jer..sian baby..

Wednesday, June 2

How to Tell The Sex of Your Baby On Ultrasound

Schedule an ultrasound exam at your doctor's office(with your doctor's permission) or at a non-medical ultrasound office (this one does not require a doctor's referral). During the scan, ask the technologist to show the gender of the baby on the screen. This may take a minute as baby moves a lot in the uterus . When the image is obtained, the technologist will freeze the image for you to view.

Baby Boys show a small protrusion between the legs about 1-4 centimeters in length (1/2 to 1 1/2 inches long) depending on how many months along you are. See sample image. Be careful not to confuse the umbilical cord between the legs with a ****. The cord is longer, bigger and appears to have "bubbles" (3 large blood vessels) in it.

Baby Girls show short parallel lines close together or two VERY small bumps, between the legs . See sample image.

p/s: urs truly dah tau dah gender bby kat dlm pewut next check-up nk pape pun yg penting sihat dan sempurna..Aminnn..


Alhamdulillah, now my pregnancy dh masuk 6mnths..rasanye dah leh survey stuff baby moi xde idea la.those frens yg ade experienced or mommy-to-be leh la share eh!